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Discovery tours
The Jewish Heritage Discovery Tour

Judaism finds an exceptional historical place in Alsace, particularly in rural areas. The Pays de Hanau is one of the cradles of this culture, present since the Middle Ages.


A 48-kilometre discovery circuit to be carried out by bike allows you to discover all these significant places of Jewish heritage in the Pays de Hanau and Val de Moder region.
















The historical discovery circuit "BOUXWILLER, between history and legends"

Continue your visit by discovering the picturesque village of Bouxwiller.


Bouxwiller is a town in Bas-Rhin located on the edge of the Vosges du Nord Natural Park.


The first traces of occupation of the village date back to Roman times. However, the history of the village of Bouxwiller really begins at the beginning of the Middle Ages, when the village was given as a fief to the Lords of Lichtenberg, who also owned many castles in the Northern Vosges.


In 1480 all property owned by the Lichtenbergs passed into the Hanau-Lichtenberg family. The county of Hanau-Lichtenberg, one of the many territories integrated into the Holy Roman Empire, was very quickly divided into fifteen bailiwicks having the village of Bouxwiller as their administrative center. Abandoned little by little by its counts, the estate remained independent despite its attachment to France after the Thirty Years' War.


Current capital of the Pays de Hanau, Bouxwiller has kept its charm and the traces of its years of prosperity and bourgeoisie over the years. Known for its historical and architectural treasures, the village can boast of being one of the most beautiful in northern Alsace.


An unmissable event in Bouxwiller, the Christmas market or Christkindelsmärik takes place every year on the second weekend of December.

It attracts more than 20,000 visitors each year. It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful and authentic Christmas markets in Alsace.

Discovery tours of the Pays de Hanau Museum

9 circuits of discovery are offered to you at the Museum of the Country of Hanau. They will allow you to deepen the themes of the museum, to explore the territory and to discover its riches.



Bastberg discovery trails 







Dominating the town of Imbsheim, the mythical summit of Bastberg culminates at 326 meters. Between legends, superstitions and religion, the fame of the "Hill of Witches", haunted by its terrible women, has long since exceeded the limits of Alsace.

A unique observatory in the Northern Vosges and renowned for its flora, its exceptional geology and its privileged place of observation of the world of stars, the Batsberg site, preserved by the Conservatoire des Sites Alsaciens, remains a unique place for lovers of nature and hiking.

During their walk, visitors will be able to discover the chortens, imposing dry stone buildings built to be able to present to future generations typical samples of our region.

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