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Gilbert WEIL disappeared on March 4, "am Schawess".
He was buried at Jerusalem, with his wife Esther (ז''ל) The AMJAB association
-the Friends of the Judeo-Alsatian Museum of Bouxwiller -
is an orphan. We will remember him as a "Mensch" whose knowledge, tolerance
and humanity were immense.
A child in hiding during the war, he saved the
Synagogue of his childhood in Bouxwiller, with this absolutely innovative idea for
the time, in 1983, to make it a museum of Alsatian Judaism. His qualities as an
architect and urban planner, combined with a certain gift for drawing and a great
manual skill, but also a meticulous rigor in everything he undertook, allowed him
to create this educational museum, interactive and modern that everyone knows
today. He devoted himself with inexhaustible enthusiasm to the safeguarding and
transmission of rural Alsatian Judaism. The museum is entirely steeped in its own
genius, including humanism and a deep piety, but also a strong sense of secularism, were the qualities main. We extend our sincere condolences to his children, his daughter Evelyne MASLANSKY-WEIL, professor of pharmacology and his son Rabbi Daniel Méir WEIL, as well as their families. ​ Raymond LEVY

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