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Pose of Stolpersteine of July 18, 2022 in front of 26, av. from the Marseillaise to Strasbourg,

in memory of the family  David Bloch.


List of speakers in order of speaking:

  • Richard Aboaf, President of Stolpersteine 67;

  • Salomé Bloch-Berthié, granddaughter of David and Simone Bloch, and her parents, descendants of the survivor and resistant Claude Bloch;

  • Anne Mistler, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg, in charge of arts and culture;

  • Jean Werlen, Municipal Councilor of Strasbourg, in charge of relations with religions;

  • Raïssa Smirnov, Russian teacher at the Lycée des Pontonniers in Strasbourg, and her students:

  • Robert Babykin;

  • Ekaterina Kruzhalenkova;

  • Aida Mnatsakanyan;

  • Carolina Mazaleuskaya;

  • The Kyryliuk family children's string orchestra, freshly arrived from Ukraine:   Timur, Marta, Viralina and Verineya;

  • Thierry Roos, Vice-President of the CIBR and member of the Bloch family;

  • Hortense Duwig, student of the theater workshop at the ORT high school in Strasbourg;

  • Fazia Dergam, history and geography teacher at Oberlin high school in Strasbourg;

  • Jonathan Blum, Israelite military chaplain and cantor; he sang the prayer for the Deportees El Malei Rahamim and the Kaddish, the prayer for the dead;

  • The flag bearers of patriotic associations and veterans.


Photo credit: RL

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