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Tourist Office of the Pays de Hanau La Petite Pierre

2a, rue du Château - 67290 LA Petite-Pierre

Tel: 03.88.70 42 30 




Bouxwiller Town Hall

1 Place du Château - 67330 Bouxwiller













Sites to see around the museum:


The Hanau Country Museum

3 place du Château - 67330 BOUXWILLER

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Located near the Place du Château, this long building dating from the 16th century was the town's granary.

Today the building has been completely transformed and houses the Hanau Country Museum.

It develops three main themes, the history of Bouxwiller and the former county of Hanau-Lichtenberg, the environment and natural resources around the Bastberg hill and social and cultural life through everyday objects in the Pays de Hanau​​.

The Popular Image Museum


24 rue du Doctor Schweitzer – 67350 Pfaffenhoffen

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Unique in France, the Popular Image Museum   presents the Alsatian popular image and its techniques.

A thousand other precious images, painted by hand, cut out with a canivet or painted under glass, testify to the highlights of life in Alsace in the 19th century. 

Steam Locomotive Space


3 chemin du Sable – 67330 Obermodern


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Presenting around forty steam locomotives of various scales, the Steam Locomotive Space traces the history of the Alsace and Lorraine railways from 1839 to 1974.

The Fortified Refuge interpretation site


80 Churchyard – 67330 Dossenheim-sur-Zinsel

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Fortified in the 13th century, the Fortified Refuge of Dossenheim-sur-Zinsel allows you to understand and discover the troubled times when the villagers of the Alsatian countryside came to hide during major conflicts such as that of the Peasants' War or the Thirty Years' War. .

The Lalique Museum

Rue du Hochberg - 67290 Wingen-sur-Moder

Such. or (weekends)


A unique museum in Europe, the Lalique Museum presents the works and creations of master René Lalique.

Considered the inventor of modern jewellery, the specialist is known for his creations of jewelery and glass objects. Paying him a beautiful tribute, the museum also focuses on those who still perpetuate the know-how today.

Lichtenberg Castle


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Erected from the beginning of the 13th century, the fortress of the   Château du Lichtenberg overlooks the plain of Alsace. Classified as a Historic Monument since 1878, this imposing castle recalls the ambition of the Hanau-Lichtenberg family present in the region until the 18th century. 

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