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Inauguration of the work "Different but Equal"

Today, the original drawing has been transformed into a two-metre-high metallic work entitled “Different but Equal”. “It is a balancing scale on which two different objects are placed, a cube and a sphere; one is glass, the other metal. They are different but equal because of the balanced scale, which is a symbol of equality”, describes Bernard Weyl, member of the association. “It's Lalique crystal glued inside an extra-flint glass cube, that is to say a glass that has no reflections. This extra-white glass has been dipped in a solution to harden it, so it is five to six times more resistant than conventional glass,” explains Hervé Letellier, assembly manager at Lalique. “All the elements were then glued together with a special glue that solidifies in the sun. »

“Initially, the association wanted to create a human rights garden in Bouxwiller. Then, we proposed to the municipality to install the statue in front of the Judeo-Alsacien Museum”, indicates Sandrine Issartel, member of Regards d'Enfants.


“We were seduced by this proposal. It is a chance for us to have been able to benefit from this project. This is a unique work,” continues Régine Hinderer, deputy mayor of Bouxwiller. “The installation of the “Different but equal” scale at the front of the Judeo-Alsatian Museum is 

perfect” adds Brigitte Kahn. Recalling that the Judeo-Alsatian Museum "traces the entire history of Judaism in Alsace, and in particular during the Second World War when precisely all men were not equal".

Back to the inauguration of Sunday, October 6, 2013.

Beginning of October 2013 – and following the exhibition Regards d'Enfants sur les Droits de l'Homme 

the inauguration of a work of art on the forecourt of the Judeo-Alsatian Museum attracted some 200 people.


Tomi Ungerer imagined it. Lalique France and the Keiff d'Ingwiller ironwork made it. The work "Different but Equal", a scale supporting a metal sphere and a glass cube and property of the association Regards d'enfants, was installed in front of the Judeo-Alsacien Museum, thanks to the gift of the late Brigitte Kahn, to President of Regards d'enfants and active member of AMJAB.

Originally, a drawing by the Alsatian artist Tomi Ungerer, offered to the association Regards d'enfants, of which he is the sponsor.


“It's a gift, an unexpected gift,” notes Brigitte Kahn. And the president of the Strasbourg association Regards d'Enfants said she was "delighted with this achievement, which corresponds perfectly to our association, which works in schools to raise young people's awareness of human rights and citizenship".

Armed with this drawing, Brigitte Kahn contacted Maison Lalique as well as the Keiff d'Ingwiller ironwork in 2012. “They immediately agreed to embark on this adventure free of charge. »



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