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The museum is the brainchild of Gilbert Weil, also a recognized town planning professor. to make optimum use of the relatively limited volume of a synagogue, he designed a system of gently sloping corridors and small rooms that take up the entire space of the building. The history and the life of the Jews of Alsace of yesteryear are told there by old objects coming from donations or loans, explanatory panels, video screens, models or games.



















But the originality of the museum lies above all in the many 3D representations of scenes of Jewish life using life-size mannequins or porcelain figurines, specially made from drawings by Gilbert Weil and often inspired by engravings. old. You will thus discover  a peddler pulling his cow, a French soldier, two young people who are getting married or another peddler who has stopped his cart to pray towards Jerusalem.

It is a wide variety of means of transmitting knowledge that makes visiting the museum particularly attractive for children  young and old alike.


A trip and an unusual experience, to do alone or with family!

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