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The postcard in the first war - lecture by Eric Constans

“Eric Constans is passionate about the history of Alsace to which he has already devoted several talks.
On Sunday, May 5, 2019, he offered visitors to the Judeo-Alsacien Museum in Bouxwiller to talk about postcards from the First World War by asking the question: “What do the postcards of 14-18 tell us? »
In an old box of shoes inherited just as it is from his grandmother, Eric Constans treasures the postcards that members of his family had exchanged during the First World War.
Apparently banal as can be exchanges of letters, these postcards nevertheless played a role, in fact several important roles during this war, their two sides, the front and the back, each playing their own. They carried more than one message: from banalities to anxieties, from nostalgia to hope, from love to propaganda,...
Scattered a little like the pebbles of Petit Poucet, they allowed the family to follow their young boys on their journey to the borders of Europe.
During a talk and through a slideshow, we let these postcards tell their stories at the heart of History. »

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