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As an extension of "La Noce chez les Juifs du Soleil" , an exhibition of around thirty "Ketoubot" (marriage certificates) all decorated by amateur "artists" over two centuries, for the joy of offering a original gift to the bride. an opportunity to explain to visitors the symbols often present in the decor: the monumental Andalusian door, the fish, the birds, the scorpion, the teapot... as well as the differences from one province to another, from one era to another. 'other.

Exhibition from 2012 to 2014:

The wedding among the Jews of the Sun

The year 2012 was that of the "fiftieth anniversary of returnees". A the suite of Jews from Morocco and Tunisia, that of repatriates represented an event capital for Judaism aging an alsacian "rebirth, !

The Judeo-Alsatian Museum has been preparing the celebration of this anniversary since 2010, under the title "operation Jews of the Sun" with the objective: "to know each other better to better appreciate each other!" »

A wide program was developed, to extend until the summer of 2013  exhibitions, conferences, events.

To mark the opening of the Operation, this subject imposed itself by its richness and its originality: the joyful engagement; the keychain; jewellery, evidence of astonishing know-how; the colorful clothes, the solemn “hupa” ; the wedding meal, a pleasure for the eyes and the palate. On a screen, a video-film of the "henna" night,  burst of sound, movements, colors... the "nail": protected by a high transparent cylinder, carried by a pretty mannequin, an authentic “big dress” richly embroidered with gold thread. A loan from Mrs. Perle Amsellem, our expert advisor for the entire exhibition.

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