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The AMJAB, like every year, joined the other partners of the City of Bouxwiller in the festive fabric of the evening. She had invited a faithful harpist from our museum: Claire Jaudel.

Coming with her Celtic harp and an eclectic program, she was to delight us with Jewish and Israeli pieces, but also Irish, not to mention Mozart in the finale. Scheduled for a good half hour, Claire's recital lasted… an hour and a half!

From the start, at 7 p.m., the public was sparse to say the least. But gradually, new listeners entered the room of the museum, and in particular a large number of children accompanied or not by their parents. These curious young people came to discover an instrument unknown to them, which Mrs. Jaudel very kindly presented and explained to them, even going so far as to allow them to pluck a few strings and sound their first notes. The children were
obviously delighted, it was enough to see their smiles and their excitement of joy, under the amazed gaze of the mothers. New vocations, perhaps?

Then a new public came to visit, made up of adults no less curious to approach a relatively rare and little-known instrument, which the artist began to present again, with patience and good grace.
All of this meant that Claire Jaudel, who came for a unique recital, finally repeated it three times, to the delight of the local public of a good fifty people and to thunderous applause.

It must be said that Marc, Claire's manager – and incidentally her husband – had done an excellent job of “soliciting” children in the street in front of the museum. What a good idea !


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