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Literary meeting with Régis Bello, author of the "Silk Road Dictionary"

Sunday, September 6, 2015 took place the meeting with the author proposed by the VALISKE Association, the organizer of cultural trips  within the framework of the Day dedicated to Azerbaijan.

"For more than two millennia, the Silk Road, which linked Chang'an (now Xi'an in China) to the great metropolises of the Roman or Byzantine Empire, saw the circulation of tens of thousands of caravans, millions of human beings and also … ideas.


An important European part of the Silk Road was in Azerbaijan where we can still admire today beautiful "Karavan saray" or caravan relays, located between the Caspian and the foothills of the Upper Caucasus.













Source: Google images







If the competition of the maritime routes will cause the commercial decline of the Route, it will attract from the XIXth century soldiers, geographers, adventurers and tourists.

The some 300 articles and 360 pages of this rich dictionary, trace in a concrete and accessible way, the prodigious history of this immense commercial bridge between the Far East and Europe as well as the human, political, religious, linguistic, artistic exchanges , science and technology that have resulted from it...


Book published by Editions du Signe at the price of 22 €.

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