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2018 exhibition: Jews in medieval Alsace

Judaism in medieval art in Alsace.

The representation of oneself and of the other using images responds to the need of each group to affirm, through history, its identity and to underline its singularity.

This exhibition produced by the B'nai-B'rith has the merit of showing the ambiguity of the inter-religious attitudes of the Middle Ages and of showing the path taken…

Here's a look at the exhibit when it was on display at the museum:


2018 Exhibition: The Psalms of King David

affiche psaumes.jpg

“THE PSALMS OF KING DAVID” an exhibition of paintings and sculptures sung to your ear in 8 languages and 5 religions on audio-guides, except for the works rendered to their owners.

Here is an overview of the exhibition when it was set up in the museum:

EXP2 044.jpg
EXP2 047.jpg
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